September 2012

Medicare – What Do I Need to Know to Settle a Case Now?

Amanda L. Machacek, Esq. view+

Court of Appeals Affirms College Baseball Player’s “Assumption of Risk”

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August 2011

New York’s Highest Court Holds Intentional Motor Vehicle Conduct Is Compensible Under UM Policies

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May 2011

Two Emerging Construction Insurance Law Issues: Chinese Drywall Claims And Green Building Insurance

by Timothy E. Delahunt VIEW+

April 2011

Construction Insurance: A Guide for Attorneys and Other Professionals

by Timothy E. Delahunt view+

June 2010

Denials of Additional Insured Coverage

by Timothy E. Delahunt view+

May 2009

An Overview of the New York Antisubrogation Rule

by Timothy E. Delahunt view+