KSLN Results


A winning record is all the evidence you need. Our combination of legal tenacity and a collaborative approach has led to an impressive record of success. Here is what we have accomplished for some of our clients lately:

KSLN Defeats Preliminary Injunction Motion Seeking to Force Property Insurer to Renew Policy Following Denial of Coverage for Superstorm Sandy Damages

Plaintiff Fails to Meet Serious Injury Threshold: Sykes Wins No Cause VerdictKSLN Appellate Victory Makes Headlines of THE DAILY RECORD

KLSN Wins Summary Judgment Threshold Motion

KSLN Wins Dog Bite Case

KLSN Shows Lack of Causation, Wins Trial

NYC Office Wins Defense Verdict in Auto Trial

Jury Returns No Cause Verdict: Finds Fence was in Reasonably Safe Condition

Kenney Wins Decisive Victory in Slip and Fall Case

Schule Wins Verdict in Lead Paint Lawsuit

Defendants Prevail on Threshold Motion

Stonberg Settles Complex Labor Law Case for a Third of the Original Settlement Demand

Stonberg Effectively Defends City of New York in Electrocution Case

Appellate Court Affirms That General Obligations Law §5-321 Voids Entire Indemnification Clause for Dangerous Work Area Accident

Stonberg Secures Summary Judgment in NYC Case: No Evidence of Negligence or Labor Law Violation

Summary Judgment Granted: “A General Request for Insurance Does not Trigger a Duty to Recommend Coverage for Every Scenario”

“No-Cause” Jury Verdict in Ski Accident Case Relies on Fourth Department’s Decision on Standard of Recklessness

Jury Finds In Favor of Defense: Plaintiff’s Degenerative Disc Disease, Not Auto Accident, Caused her Back Pain

KSLN Wins No Cause Jury Verdict In Controversial Pet Law Case

Jury Finds No Cause in Complex, High Profile Wrongful Death Case

KSLN Wins Summary Judgment in Auto Accident Case on Tort Threshold Defense

KSLN’s Syracuse Office Secures Summary Judgment: Serious Injury Threshold Not Met by Plaintiff