Recent Publications

Our attorneys are highly sought after due to their extensive knowledge and are often asked to publish, lecture and teach on a variety of topics. Some of our recent publications and presentations include:

June 2013

Court of Appeals Decision: Insurer Found to Have Breached the Duty to Defend Loses Right to Rely on Policy Exclusions to Dispute its Duty to Indemnify


Fourth Department upholds Labor Law 240(1) Liability for Planks Dropped on Plaintiff’s Head.

Wendy A. Scott, Esq. view+

Plaintiff’s Fall through an Attic Access Door within Ambit of Labor Law §240(1).

Wendy A. Scott  view+

Second Department finds Question of Fact whether Plaintiff’s Failure to Follow Instructions was Sole Proximate Cause of her Accident.

Wendy A. Scott, Esq. view+

Replacing a Ballast in a Florescent Light Fixture is Maintenance Unrelated to Construction Excavation or Demolition.

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February 2013

Pioneer Distinguished: “Earth Movement” Exclusion Applies to Excavation Work


September 2012

Medicare – What Do I Need to Know to Settle a Case Now?

Amanda L. Machacek, Esq. view+

Court of Appeals Affirms College Baseball Player’s “Assumption of Risk”

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August 2012

The First Department Holds Plaintiff’s Fall Off Flat Bed Truck During Unloading/Hoisting Satisfies Both Falling Worker and Falling Object Tests for Labor Law 240(1) Liability


Fourth Department Law Holds That New York State Law, Not Tribal Law, Applies to Non-Indian Contractor on Indian Land


June 2012

Court of Appeals Declines to Apply Labor Law §240(1) To Cleaning a Structure at a Manufacturing Plant


February 2012

New York Courts May Be Re-interpreting the “Serious Injury” Requirement of Insurance Law § 5102(d).


August 2011

New York’s Highest Court Holds Intentional Motor Vehicle Conduct Is Compensible Under UM Policies

by Ryon D. FlemingView+

May 2011

Two Emerging Construction Insurance Law Issues: Chinese Drywall Claims And Green Building Insurance

by Timothy E. Delahunt VIEW+

April 2011

Construction Insurance: A Guide for Attorneys and Other Professionals

by Timothy E. Delahunt view+

August 2010

Privacy Rights at Work

coauthored by Richard T. Saraf view+

June 2010

Denials of Additional Insured Coverage

by Timothy E. Delahunt view+

May 2009

An Overview of the New York Antisubrogation Rule

by Timothy E. Delahunt view+